Mom says we’re going to obedience class. She says I’m smart but won’t mind. She thinks I’m stubborn especially when we’re out on the back porch. It’s very important that I inspect the backyard and search for trespassers. I also chase the bunnies out of the garden. And when people and dogs walk by on the greenbelt, I bark at them and chase them away, too. So you see, I have a very important job to do. I protect our backyard, which means I can’t come when Mom calls me. But Mom thinks I need to come. She says it’s for my own safety, and sometimes, she’s going to the store and just wants me to hurry.

So, next week we’re going to obedience class. A lady named Hannelore teaches it, and Mom will have this little contraption that she’ll click when I do something right. But, I’ll also get a treat. I love treats, and I’m very smart. So, I’ll sit, stay, and even come just like Mom tells me because I know I’ll get a treat.

I’ll let you know how it goes. I know I’ll do really well in the class, but that doesn’t mean I’ll stop protecting our backyard.