Izzie graduated from obedience school

Izzie’s Obedience School Graduation

by | Jun 2, 2017 | Izzie

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Woof! Woof! Pat me on my back. Scratch my tummy. Tell me I’m a good dog. I graduated from Obedience School. I knew I would. After all, Poodles are really smart.

I had lots of fun and met new friends at Obedience School. Boo was my favorite friend, but mostly because her Mom had good treats. Boo is the dog in the picture snooping around my goody bag. Grace is a Schnauzer puppy and was ok when she wasn’t trying to play. She always tried to jump on me and scared me. Mimi, the Dachshund, was nice. She’s older and didn’t want to play so we just sniffed each other. There were other dogs, too – a Golden Doodle – the best part of him was the Poodle part, three Yorkies that came together with the same family, and a Chihuahua puppy that sat on his Dad’s lap most of the time.

Izzie and Boo at obedience school

I also really liked Hannalore who was the teacher. She gave us treats that were really yummy. She said they were meatballs from Costco. Hannalore also made up fun games for us to play. And she said that everything should be a party.

Hannalore gave us toys for graduation, and Hollywood Feed gave us a goody bag with treats.

I’ll tell you more about the tricks I learned later. But right now, it’s time to go outside and chase away the bunnies.

Bunny in herb pot on back porch


1-Backporch Banter - Izzie


I’m Izzie, a 4.5 pound Toy Poodle. I’m the mighty bunny hunter and protector of my backyard. I like to sit on Mom’s lap while she works on the computer. If you visit, I’ll throw toys at you and bark till you play with me. And most important of all, Mom loves me more than anything else.

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