Quick trip to Iowa - view of barn

My Quick Trip to Iowa

by | Jul 2, 2017 | Travel

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I’m an Iowa girl living in Texas. At least once a year, I travel back to Iowa to visit my family. This year, I flew into Sioux City to spend a few days with my sister, Tara, and her husband, Mark. Let me share a few photos from my quick trip to Iowa.

As we flew over Iowa, the countryside appears lush and fertile.

Quick trip to Iowa - view from plane

Sioux City lies along the Missouri River where the states of Iowa, South Dakota, and Nebraska converge.

Quick trip to Iowa - Missouri River

Tara and Mark live in the Loess Hills and enjoy beautiful views from all around their home.

Quick trip to Iowa - view east

Tara has lots of critters. Bailey, Luigi, and Andy enjoy the cool breezes out on the patio.

Quick trip to Iowa - Bailey, Luigi, Andy

Max joined the family as a stray kitten when my niece, Jessica, brought him home on the 4th of July several years ago.

Quick trip to Iowa - Max

George and Bolero graze along the hillside.

Quick trip to Iowa - George and Bolero

Bailey celebrates his 15th birthday with a Dairy Queen ice cream cake.

Quick trip to Iowa - Bailey's birthday

I really enjoyed my quick trip to Iowa. Are you visiting family and friends this summer? I’d love to hear what you have planned.